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8 Vital Website Marketing Tips for Businesses

November 26th, 2014 - Posted by joe under Website Design

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There is an old saying that goes… wait a minute, what old saying applies to online marketing? If you are like me, you’re probably thinking none. Online marketing moves at such a mind-bending, blistering pace that if your not continually updating your website with great design and content and employing cutting edge marketing strategies, your most likely being left in the dust or dramatically under-performing and no business wants that.

You’re an entrepreneur, a competitor, a business person. You get up every morning looking for that edge to improve your business and grow your company. So here are some valuable marketing strategies to read up on while your sucking down your morning latte’ and planning your conquest of the world.

Oh yeah and there is an old saying that applies to online marketing, it’s at the end, so let’s get started!

1.) You need to know what your potential client’s pain point is. What is the major frustration most people have with your industry or with anything that has to do with the services or products that you provide? It might be poor communication, poor execution of services, long lead-times, problems with sizes, etc.

Keeping whatever that problem is in your mind, how are you different? What is your solution? Why should people buy from you?

To have effective online marketing that converts clicks into clients, you have to cleanly, concisely and accurately address a potential client’s pain point. Here is the fun part you only have two seconds to do it. Google Analytics let us know a long time ago that people decide in about two and a half seconds after they land on your site if they are going to stay and look around or bounce out and go to your competitor’s site.

So how do you set your marketing hook in that short amount of time? You use every aspect of your design, from your tagline to your call to action to the icons you choose for your main page navigation to create conversions. You do it visually with design, it can be in your face or it can be subtle but you better know why that potential client is there what they really want and what your solution is to their pain point or you are going to lose them.

2.) Your tagline is important. A friend of mine is a talented graphic artist and he is currently re-branding his business. His new tagline is “Create and Inspire.” It sounds nice, it’s clean and professional and I am never going to remember it and it has no meaning to me as a potential consumer. What do people want from graphic designers? I don’t know about you but if I am going to spend money on graphic design for my business. I want excellent graphic design that will make me money.

In other words, use your tagline to tell me something valuable about your business. Keep in mind your main target audience is the potential client who is visiting your site for the first time.

3.) Define your target audience. If you are more likely to land a majority of your work from small businesses, then target your website to small business owners. If you are more likely to get work as a sub-contractor, then make your site and messaging appeal to that vertical. Whoever your main target audience is, focus on that niche’.

4.) Create a marketing sales funnel. When visitors get to your site, what is the one thing you want them to do? Focus on figuring out what you need to do with your site design and messaging to get a new visitor on your site to do that one thing.

Do you want them to watch your website promotional video?

Do you want them to fill out a “contact us” form or buy a product?

Whatever it is, keep working until your website is accomplishing your conversion goal. If something isn’t working, change it.

5.) Website design quality is vital to your conversion rate. It’s your potential online client’s first impression of your business, you can never get that back. So dominate with your design quality.

If you are not talented at design, hire a person or a firm that is, it’s worth every penny.

We are a society that is visually over-stimulated. Our movies, video games, websites, television commercials and apps are all competing for our time and attention. With that in mind, honestly ask yourself if your website measures up to the level of visual excellence offered by all forms of digital media to get your business noticed?

6.) Do something a little different or the same thing better than anyone else. You don’t have to actually have a product or service that is better than your competitor’s. You just have to communicate what you have and why your client needs to buy it from you better then your competitors do.

7.) Do something unique with your website. You never want to go so overboard in being unique that you move outside what is common sense for effective marketing within your industry. If you sell health insurance, there are common sense limitations to the marketing bandwidth available to you in being “unique” so you may want to focus more heavily on your websites design quality or the ease of accessibility in the layout of the information on the site. Perhaps you can have an online tool created that would help your site visitors in some way? No matter your industry, there is always something you can do that is unique to differentiate your business. Think about it, get creative and do it. Putting in a little additional hard work in fleshing out the details of your website will help you convert more business.

8.) Incorporate your personality into your website. It’s your business, if you love it and you are passionate about it, it will come through in the design and messaging of your website. People will feel it, great marketing creates emotion and emotion creates conversions. That is what great art is, it’s an engine for creating emotion, so blow some minds. Make your website design you! Because people don’t buy products or services, people buy you. It’s an old saying but it still applies.

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