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Why is good SEO so hard to find?

May 6th, 2014 - Posted by joe under SEO Industry Insider

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Whenever I speak to a potential client the main obstacles we have to overcome together are usually two things. The first is trust, most companies have been burned more than once by digital marketing firms. The other is misinformation. The only other entity that there is more confusion and misinformation in involves the U.S. government. So let’s address both issues.

Trust, it is key in any relationship but especially in a business relationship because you are trusting the company you hire to create a significant return on investment. Now, how do the companies that you have hired in the past, that from all appearances have driven great results for past clients, seemingly accomplish nothing in creating significant rankings in SERP’s for your business?

The answer is scale-ability, clarity and honesty. Most SEO companies initially had talent that knew how to get results for their clients. However as they grew, they had to bring on new SEO talent and most likely train that talent. Here is the catch 22 for most SEO firms. If they teach their employees all the “secrets” of SEO strategy, then they are empowering their own employees to go out on their own and potentially lose their customers in the process.

Because of this problem, the quality of work drops dramatically the larger the company gets.

The other issue that affects many SEO agencies is clarity. Five years ago, SEO was a much less complicated process. Updates like Caffeine, Penguin, Panda and Hummingbird have changed the playing field immensely in a relatively short period of time. That being the case many SEO’s no longer have a clear idea of what they need to do for their clients in order to produce the kind of results they achieved in the past for their clients. They may have part of the puzzle solved but not the entire picture.

As I mentioned before, there is more misinformation today about SEO and what makes for good SEO then ever before. If you want to thoroughly confuse your self, spend a few hours reading all the latest SEO blogs online. Instead of coming away with a clearer picture of the SEO landscape, you will probably come away with hundreds of questions and a headache.

Then there is the old fashion concept of honesty. Because there are so few quality SEO agencies out there and so much misinformation about what makes for good SEO results. How do you know what you are actually getting for your investment? Transparency is important, it makes the windshield of your vehicle incredibly effective for seeing the road ahead. If your current SEO company is not honest with you and can’t show you exactly what they are doing for you on a monthly basis. It’s time to install a new windshield!

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